Common Questions (Tenants)

Q: How early should I schedule my rent payment?

A: For ACH Bank transfers you should schedule about 5 days prior to the due date. For Credit/Debit cards the transfer will take about 2 days.

Q: What are the fees for paying via ACH Bank transfers?

A: ACH Bank transfers are FREE to both you and the landlord. 

Q: What are the fees for paying via Credit/Debit Cards?

A: The fees vary based on the card type. However, the landlord will be responsible for the fees. It should be noted that some landlords will no accept credit/debit cards due the additional cost. Most prefer ACH Bank transfers.

Q: Can I cancel a payment once it has been sent?

A: Once an ACH has been sent  the process cannot be stopped. However, payments set to be sent on a future date can be canceled anytime prior to the send date. Cards can only be canceled by contacting your financial institution. 

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