Common Questions (for Landlords / Property Managers)

Q: How long does QuickPay setup take?

A. Setting up your account takes about 5-10 business days depending upon your business type. 

Q: What will I need to get setup?

A: You will need to submit a completed online PDF QuickPay Application and a voided check. Furthermore, you may be asked to submit copies of your two most recent bank statements (if you plan to process more transactions greater than $1,500), DBA (if you are a sole proprietor), articles of incorporation (to verify ownership), and/or two years of financial documents (if you plan to process more transactions greater than $5,000).

Q. How long do payment transfers take?

A. Once the payment is initiated, the funds are held by our third-party banking processor for a three-business-day hold. The money will then be transferred to the bank on the fourth business day, and the bank should deposit the money into the bank account no later than midnight that night.

Q: What if the sender has insufficient funds? 

A: ACH Payments: The transaction will be denied and the transfer will be cancelled. A $0.50 fee will also be charged as a penalty. Furthermore, QuickPay privileges can be revoked if there are multiple, repeated insufficient fund transfers. 

Q: As Landlord, can I initiate a transfer on behalf of my tenant? 

A: Yes, you can process payments for your tenant with their permission.

Q: What if my tenant claims I made an unauthorized charge against their account?

A: Regardless of the reason, the funds will be returned and a fee of $25 will be assessed. Please be sure that only authorized payments are processed.


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